Corky's Powerchair Care

Built up grime and day to day wear and tear can affect the performance of your chair. We take great pride in cleaning and maintaining your powerchair or mobility scooter.

A powerchair can in many cases cost as much as a motor vehicle. So maintenance and thorough cleaning is a fantastic way to ensure the smooth running and reliability of your investment.

At Corky’s Powerchair Care, we perform detailing and general maintenance on all types of power chairs and mobility scooters.

The Electric Chair Maintenance Checklist

We know it’s hard to find someone who can fulfill the checklist: clean properly everywhere (even where you cannot see), apply approved lubricants, and ensure the safety and hygiene of your mobility aid.

That’s why Corky’s will do all the things on the maintenance checklist and further touches as well — to ensure your power chair or scooter is safe, clean,  and ready to go.

What Special Equipment do we Use?

We use our own customised products, which are bio-degradable and eco-friendly. They are designed to work best for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

We have developed a four stage pressure cleaning system: 

  1. A dry pressure clean
  2. Then a hand clean   
  3. Followed by a hand polish 
  4. Finally a fragrant sanitise 

Our Detailing and Servicing Process

For all types of mobility aids, our maintenance service entails:

  • remove built-up dirt and grime,
  • polish and rejuvenate surfaces,
  • clean upholstery,
  • lubricate moving parts,
  • check nuts and screws,
  • clean tyres and correct PSI,
  • check cable connections, and
  • sanitise.

Mobile Service

Corky’s Powerchair Care is a mobile detailing/maintenance service, covering Redcliffe and the greater Brisbane area.

This means our friendly service person can come to your home or workplace to clean and maintain your powerchair or mobility scooter.

We also service at nursing homes and other care facilities, we can service all major brands of powerchairs/mobility scooters

“I have been using a powerchair for the past 25 years. So I have first-hand experience and understand how difficult it can be to keep them looking good and stopping little problems turning into major repairs. It always frustrated me that it didn't matter how nice I dressed, I knew my chair looked rusty and dirty with built up grime. So I did something about it for myself and others, and just look at the results.”

Craig Cork